Top Tips for Wearing an All Black Outfit.

I’ve made it no secret that Meika & Me is likely the number one fan of an all black outfit. My boyfriend often jokingly questions whether I’m off to a funeral when I appear sporting an all black ensemble.

It is classic, chic, slimming and flattering on all skin tones, which makes it absolutely no surprise that most women love to wear all black. But what makes an all black outfit interesting? What determines it looking depressed and morbid or fabulously chic?

I’ve come up with my 5 top tips to wearing all black errthing:

Play around with Texture & Fabrics

This is my number one tip for turning an all black outfit from blagh to beautiful. If you’re wearing cotton with cotton, there is nothing to break up the outfit, give it definition or brighten up the look. Instead, mix a cotton tee with leather trousers, black denim with a silk cami or add a lush knitted scarf or sweater. This tip is about mixing textured fabrics to create lift and a point of difference.

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Play around with Structure

I love playing around with structured pieces, especially when paired with a nice pair of black heels. Structured tops, jackets, skirts and pants all work by offering shape to a look, which enhances the look by creating different proportions.

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Play around with Accessories

This tip is by far the easiest to do! If you’re a little afraid of an all black outfit, or you’re feeling a little ‘widowesqe’, then play with accessories! It’s as simple as adding a statement bag (something like this would look gorgeous!), or a bold bright necklace. It could even be as simple as adding a hat or scarf in a grey or neutral tone. Accessories help to add a little fun to an outfit and will allow you to express your individual personality.

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Play around with Layers & Lengths

I’m the first to admit that layering can be difficult to do. No, that’s not correct. Layering is simple to do, but hard to master! If done incorrectly, it can leave you looking a little frumpy and tussled. This tip involves playing around with lengths and layers in a way that will break up outfit ensemble and give height and shape to your body. For example, pair some high waisted denim jeans with a slightly cropped knit and then add a long duster coat and pointed boots or heels, which will work to create an elongated figure. Another tip could be layering a slightly longer button-up shirt underneath a thinner knit jumper.

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Play around with Shades

Another easy but very effective tip! Add definition and light to your all black outfit by playing with shades. This is a little bit of a cheat because what are shades of black? Greys. Still, it’s effective and looks classic. Mix different shades of black and grey into your ensemble through actual clothing items or accessories, the choice is yours.

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Do you have an tips for wearing an all black outfit? I’d love to hear them!

Meika & Me

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures featured in this post. Each image has been obtained from Pinterest with original source unknown. Images have been used for the purpose of viewing enjoyment and no payment or sponsorship has been received in association with this post.


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Meika & Me

Get to know Meika & Me.

20 facts


I’ve recently surpassed a blog milestone for me and now have well over 1000 individuals following my shared passions. First of all, let me say thank-you! The fact that so many of you are even somewhat interested in the rambling mind of a fashion lover and dream chaser still blows my mind! Second of all, I thought you might like to get to know me a little better.

Besides, you’re not a real blogger unless you do a tag every once in a while, right?

My name is Ehlana. I am the author and mind behind Meika & Me.

I was born in Mullumbimby and grew up in Melbourne. I am the oldest of 4 siblings and feel very protective over each of them. Our Dad called us ‘the tribe’ and I feel very fortunate for the relationship and close bond we have. I am lucky to call my siblings my best friends.

I am currently completing my last semester in a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management. It is my dream to work as an internal recruiter for a major fashion label.

I love winter more than summer. I hate the hot weather and think winter fashion is dreamy.

I am a self confessed Candy Crush addict. And Facebook. And Instagram. In fact, lets just say I can’t go for very long periods without using my phone for something or another!

I have never travelled overseas. But, that is all about to change, as in a few weeks time I will be travelling to Bali with a group of my nearest and dearest.

I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian and have been my entire life. My parents raised my siblings and I this way, but always offered us the choice to eat meat if we desired.

I would describe my style as very basic and mostly monochromatic. I love wearing classic pieces with clean, simple structure.

I do love to accessorise. My go to staple accessory is a felt fedora hat. I also love jewellery, as it really can make a great outfit greater.

My favourite brand is Witchery. See my previous post  ‘Animal Instinct’ to find out why.

I also love Topshop, Zara and H&M.

I absolutely love make-up and only wish I had the skills to match my passion. I’ve watched many a YouTube tutorial, but struggle to replicate technique. My attempts at winged liner are almost laughable!

My day-to-day make-up is a mix of high and low end products. I believe there are some fantastic drug store brands that don’t hurt the hip pocket.

My music taste is vast. I love everything from indie folk to pop ballads to country.

My favourite television show is Wentworth. If you love Orange is the New Black, you’ll love this even more. (There I said it, it’s better than OITNB!)

My favourite drink is water. My favourite alcoholic drink is a piña colada, a strawberry daiquiri or a really nice glass of champagne!

I love relaxing in a hot bath, but don’t take the time to do so regularly enough. I love using Lush products; the sweeter scents preferably. My absolute favourite Lush product is the ‘Candy Mountain Bubble Bar’, which actually smells good enough to eat.

My favourite cuisine is Thai food. I could eat a green curry on a daily basis. I also love Japanese and Indian.

I absolutely love meeting new people. So, I encourage you to chat to me on any of my social media platforms, follow my blog or comment on any of my posts. The blog community is full of so many lovely individuals from across the globe and that’s exciting!

Lastly, I am a long-time fashion lover and dream chaser. Just a simple Melbourne girl wanting to share her passions with the world.

Meika & Me

Weddington Way.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of my favourite things about fashion is that it is open to interpretation and personal expression.

So, when the lovely folk at Weddington Way; a San Francisco based online retailer specialising in bridal party fashion, set me the challenge of creating a fun, summer date outfit styled around a dress from their bridesmaid dresses collection, I jumped on the opportunity!

With Weddington Way, gone are the days of the ‘bad bridesmaid dress’. They offer hundreds of styles in different fabrics and colours, making it possible to find the perfect dress for your best ladies standing by your side on your perfect day!

Upon browsing their site for a dress to feature in this blog post, I stumbled upon what I consider to be the perfect dress for this challenge. It is wearable, stylish and a classic shape that won’t go in and out of style. The ‘Kirribilla Fiore’ dress is a structured skater dress style, made of rayon and lace. The skater dress style suits pretty much all body shapes as it accentuates the body’s features in all the right places.

To complete this challenge, I’ve created 3 outfit flat lays for 3 different summer dates:

By the Seaside

One of my favourite Melbourne bars is Republica Bar on the St Kilda beach shoreline. Inspired by the many Sunday afternoons spent here in the sunshine, this outfit is fun and flirty and perfect for a summer date by the seaside.

For this look, I decided to keep the accessories quite neutral to keep the look feeling fresh and summery. A boater hat oozes ‘cute’ and paired back with these funky Quay Australia sunnies, this look is very wearable. Also, these Witchery espadrille slides are just lush! (I will definitely be adding these to my next lust list)

By the Seaside

Picnic in the Park

What is more romantic than a summer picnic? Lying on a picnic rug with your new (or soon to be) beau, eating yummy cheese, crackers and dips and sharing stories of your lives as you get to know each other.

This look is definitely more casual than the other two looks, but still has a fun and carefree feel about it. Pairing a light wash denim jacket with low top converse chucks is an old-time favourite that has been around for decades. The fringed bucket bag can also be worn as a backpack (hello versatile!), meaning you can pack all your picnic goodies into your bag. Don’t forget your Fuji Instax Mini polaroid camera to take happy snaps to look back on!  Picnic in the Park.

Monochrome Nights

This look is Meika & Me to a T.
I’ve made it no secret that I am a monochrome lover that will always veer towards a black, white or grey ensemble. I’m also a big believer that a monochrome look can be worn all year round and doesn’t need to be kept locked away until the colder Winter months.

This look would be perfect for a Summer date night out on the town exploring your city’s bars and hotspots with your man! It is a little edgier thanks to the leather biker vest, but play around with fine, delicate jewellery like this triple-chain necklace and a red lipstick like this one by Rimmel London to give the look a more feminine touch.

Monochrome Nights.

For links and further details on the items featured in this blog post, follow Meika & Me on Pinterest or Polyvore.

Which summer date look do you love?

Meika & Me

Winter Hues.

Winter Hues.


Witchery green top

L Agence skirt
500 AUD –

Cut-out shoes

Rag bone hat
360 AUD –

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
365 AUD –

Bloggers to Fancy.

Every day I’m inspired by those around me and in my short time blogging, have gained an admiration for the love and support present in the blogging community. Blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr offer the every day individual a public voice to speak openly on whatever topic they so choose.

Meika & Me is predominantly fashion focused, as that feels most at home to me. But, because there are SO many incredible writers, photographers, make-up artists and stylists on WordPress alone, I wanted to introduce a new feature to Meika & Me. ‘Bloggers to Fancy’ is exactly as the name suggests; it’s the bloggers to fancy, to crush, the bloggers of the moment. It’s the bloggers I am loving too much to keep quiet about!

The first featured ‘Blogger to fancy’ is someone very near and dear to me, and is not only my best friend but also the inspiration for my starting my own blog. She is fellow blogger and beauty queen, myBeautiFX.

Image sourced: myBeautiFX Instagram

Lithel at myBeautiFX is a make-up and beauty lover who has incredible product knowledge. If I’m wanting inspiration for make-up looks, an honest review of the latest products to hit the market, or cheaper dupe alternatives to high end products, I will always check out myBeautiFX on her blog or Instagram. Her skillset extends far beyond your weekend winged cat eye look, and she uses special effects make-up to create incredible, life-like (and sometimes horrifying) looks that would be perfect for Halloween or any dress up party occasion.

mage sourced: myBeautiFX

Her words are sincere and sweet, and are a true representation of the girl behind them. myBeautiFX has an endearing quality about her that leaves you wanting to read more. I highly advise you visit her site and social media, if you haven’t already, and let her know I sent you.

I promise you’ll be inspired, just as I am.

Meika & Me

Lust List. #2

Well, University exams sure do have a way of stripping every last morsel of energy from your mind and body, and leaving you longing for a nearer end. Alas, I am finished and have recovered my stress levels back to a normal state and am ready to enjoy my mid year break by doing, well, anything I want to do!

Being head deep into study, revision and exams left little time for perusing the stores, but study breaks (a.k.a. ‘stuff my face with all the food groups’ breaks) did allow me to keep an eye on online stores, other blogs, YouTube style gurus and even the odd magazine, and as a result my list of lusted items has grown.

You know the drill. Meika & Me’s Lust List is a place to share the trends, items and products I am lusting over and currently include:

Cut Out Boots. 

I’m an avid boot lover and find myself wearing them all year round purely because of their versatility. These Wittner ‘Gabrie’ boots have been doing the rounds on social media for a couple of months now and it’s easy to see why.

482531.0-a1_gabrie 1889097_652948244809124_1739005120_n

Wittner ‘Gabrie’
Purchase here: Wittner

A unique take on the heeled Chelsea style boot, these ankle boots offer a subtle edginess to an outfit in a cool, geometric way. These cut out boots would look fab with some ripped at the knee skinny jeans, a baggy V-neck white tee and a leather jacket, or with a pretty floral bohemian maxi dress, fedora hat and aviator sunglasses for a Coachella feel.

They are a little on the higher price range; but considering they are leather upper and leather lining, they will likely last for years.


I’ve made no secret about my preference for a monochromatic wardrobe, regularly leaning towards black and white hues. Lately, I’ve been finding myself drawn to grey pieces; winter coats, chunky knitted sweaters, cozy infinity scarves and V-neck tees for a different take on the staple white tee.

I find grey to be softer and a little romantic, when compared to black. I also feel it compliments blonde hair perfectly.

Grey on the top paired with black skinny jeans or a black leather skirt and you’ll have the perfect outfit to brave the Melbourne winter outdoors.

These are some of the grey items I’m dying to get my hands on:


Country Road ‘Fringed Scarf’
Purchase here: Country Road


SheInside ‘Single Button Tweed Coat’
Purchase here: SheInside


Missguided ‘Seika Maxi Jumper’
Purchase here: Missguided Au

Leather Skirt.

I feel like leather is one of those items that never really goes out of style, which is why many women find themselves with their mothers hand me down leather pieces from their 20’s.

I am absolutely loving the look of the leather skirt at the moment. However, my budget doesn’t always stretch that far and that is why I love that there are many vegan leather options (FYI vegan leather is essentially faux leather by a different name, made usually with polyurethane, cork, kelp or seaweed).

This Boss Orange skirt from ASOS is the perfect slim fit cut with a higher waistline, which is flattering on most shapes; particularly those with bigger hips and a booty like myself, as it accentuates the waist making it appear smaller. This skirt also has a unique jersey panel on the reverse side of the skirt making it a little different from your average black skirt.

leather skit

Boss Orange ‘Mini Skirt in Leather Look’
Purchase here: ASOS

Dress this up or down by coupling it with a white tee, denim jacket and a pair of low converse chucks for a casual weekend vibe, or pair with a silk camisole and strappy heels for a girls night out.

As always, I’d love to hear your lusted items.

Meika & Me

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions on everything featured on this blog post are my own and not influenced by any third party. This feature has not been sponsored nor have I received any payment for this post. All images featured on this blog post have been credited back to appropriate source. 

Identify Yourself.

One of the most courageous things you can do in life is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.

– Sheila Murray Bethel

50 Shades of Grey.. and Black.

50 shades of grey.. and black.

Topshop white sweater
60 AUD –

Long coat
44 AUD –

A L C pencil skirt
295 AUD –

Tony Bianco ankle boots

Rachael Ruddick black purse
440 AUD –

Daniel Wellington silver watch
355 AUD –

Pieces circle scarf
22 AUD –

Simple Comfort.

Simple Comfort.